Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chronology of events from School Management

Does the poor parent have any choice but to support School?

The cancellation of NOC is done only when gross in appropriation is detected, not otherwise. Do parents have a choice but stay united!

As per the Chronology of events - Did we ever state differently?

The only reason we are fighting is to oppose the expulsion of a Student for all the wrong reasons


  1. She was seen leaving the offices of the Dy Director of education
    Holy Cow!! lets tar and feather her - how dare!!!
    Jeez - how else do they think she complained to them?? ESP??

    Also surprise! - no allegation that she called MNS there - wonder why? its ok to send an sms not ok to say in writing - where you can get sued??

    use your nogin guys... the math is not so hard to get...

  2. Please let the world know about wrong doings of the school. Publish your comments and reviews of the school in a highly read platform covering schools in Pune.