Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Govt calculated Fee...



  1. hundreds of indignant moms and some dads called me yesterday! why call the MNS? stupid question - the right question shud be why would we bother? if this had to be done - we would have done this 3 years ago.. or could have done the jobs ourselves we were more than 1000 very angry parents then!
    But thats not how parents think or behave! So we filed a case and stood in court for 3 years, spent lakhs of rupees... and have WON our case ! REMEMBER THAT, the orders was to come from the education department and it did. They ordered that 82k was too high!It shud be 61!( see above) now the school is fighting to OVERTURN this order, why would we break pots now? we have nothing to gain. Look at who gained by this sordid episode...

  2. The kind of sms school spread just after the MNS incident, shows who wud've planned and who wants to take advantage of the whole thing. Point blank blaming Avisha for the attack, is a clear case of frustration and an attempt to create panic among parents.

    J. Bhushan