Thursday, June 10, 2010

Politics and Education

Just before school dismissal, there are MNS party workers demanding to take back Adhishree in the school obviously causing panic. School blames Adhishree's parents for orchestrating the chaos.


  1. It has to be reminded that the elections in the same ward is right around the corner and any political party will attempt to stand up for a cause in the given area. Coincidentally, Adhishree's cause is a third party issue for all political parties and can be a forum for a quick-fix.
    Do we blame anyone in this? Tweaking it to anyone's advantage seems to be illogical!

  2. suguna ramakrishnaJune 11, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    Any parent would not like the functioning of the school getting disturbed.The same parent has called several meetings of parents earlier to discuss any of the issues pertaining to we all need to remember that any political intervention with our child's issues will not be entertained by any of the we all need to give just a minute's thought when the school is blaming a parent who has been fighting not only for her child but for all children without any parents let us give a thought atleast and not form opinions blindly

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  4. Anonymous posts will be removed.
    Anyone wanting to contribute to this blog needs to have brains and guts - if you lack either - stay away!
    The above is an example of a jerk - am leaving it on to serve as an example of how NOT to contribute.

  5. Let us keep politics away from school. We should learn lesson from what has happened with a very good hospital in Mira Road which was closed for quite some time not only harming the staff working there but loss to the community as well from a good medical facility. If we find a school good where we send our children to study, if there is an issue, it must be resolved in proper way (the option parents opted in case of fee hike). Let us not involve an element in this who distorts whole issue and lead to a situation which we parents would never want to see.

  6. Its really amazing to see the grit and determination in Avisha to really bring to light misdoings of a noted school. She is a role model. For sure all parents would get to benefit if the judgement goes in their favour. MNS has its ways of scoring brownie points and election times are the times to hammer hard on the iron that is really hot. So their action doesn't come as a surprise but can adulterate the stand of Avisha as their 'means' are seldom civilized.

    To me the moot point appears, for parents who naturally have a stake in seeing their children lead a 'peaceful' life in this school will prefer to maintain a 'dignified silence' as is a common phenomenon in our country.

    The difficult thing is to ensure that the teachers treat the daughter with an even attitude in case she is reinstated through civil society pressure points. Can we really force a system to develop a heart?

    Its an activism for the right reason but can the end be ensured right as well?

    The next important question, can we do something about that as well?

  7. That kind of balance can only be maintained if both sides play fair... unfortunately life is not as easy -as we are seeing! Also activism- implies selflessness! Whether it will benefit a large section of society or just one ... it does not matter, nor does the time taken, if only people learn to be a little patient and and less self centered then it is surprisingly easy.

    The really big picture that some of us are looking at i.e improving the education system, prevention of "elite education" so that better quality schools are accessible to maximum number of kids does make some people confused or worse laugh, unfortunately true :-(

    The only answer really is for the government to let go of licensing controls and let any one and every one start a school - forget infrastructure, teachers whatever - the markets will find its level and non - achievers ( non - deliverers) will get squeezed out. Off course when they let go of controls they must also stop all subsidies, and freebies.. like this land that is costing the management all of Rs. 1/- per month! tax holidays etc..

    We will get more folks into the fray, like the guy who runs the super 30's in Bihar - where he manages to send all 30 kids to IIT - from a shed! And these are children of rickshaw pullers etc.. Talent should float - sludge will settle down...

    The only way for this to happen is to ban politicians from having any stake - direct or indirect in any institution - whether it is a play school or a medical college.

    Re Adhishree - I think that if the right message is given from the top - almost all teachers will help her settle back in. This is a very bright kid and has lots of friends who will help her with notes etc.. over the past 4-5 years that we have confronted the school and even some teachers - the children were never involved - the books disappearing could have been a teacher or someone on their own initiative, and it did stop as soon as the letter was sent to the school.

    Right now we need to get her back in - and teach our kids to be like her, am sure she is terrified and feels really humiliated but the child just smiles when you see her.. breaks my heart!

  8. .....a public apology from Avisha Kulkarni foremost, settling private matters publicly and giving it a political colour..NOT DONE!!!!...looks like a power hungry woman seeking attention at any cost

  9. 'public apology' for what? For seeking clarifications on arbitrary fee hike? for being a petitioner legally fighting the issues on behalf of the parents and doing rounds to the HC? for being accused of orchestrating political demonstration?

    While repeatedly seeking answers from the parent, have the much concerned parents sought any clarifications from the other side? Strange...

  10. The silly comments are always Anon.. wonder why?

    There are those parents who feel that this is a private matter, may please send a letter or mail to us saying that this is their stand, and if the matter is decided in our favor then the refund that will be given to that parent may please be donated to a suitable organisation like cry or concern india etc..
    this will be conveyed to the court and the receipt for the amounts donated will be sent to that parent duly issued by the respected NGO.

    Hope that wud work for you?

  11. Parents were quite disturbed after MNS protest and most rightly so. School has sent messages regarding how it protected the kids indoors when MNS protesters were at the door. In the past parents have been handed the fire safety violations in the school, audited and issued by BMC/Fire Department. Many must have trashed it or couldn't spare their valuable time to read it. The school has not fixed a thing. The staircases are too narrow and do not comply with fire safety norms and there are many more. Wondering why parents are not agitated about the safety violations within...

  12. Well parents are disturbed by the MNS protest..but how did the mns reach there?? how did they come to know abt this issue..

    but if dr. avisha has nothing to do with it..what was she doing there with the protesters?
    thousands of issues in the city are being come avisha kulkarni makes media news?? how come the government act so fast to her complaints?

    looks like she is so well connected that she can make the education department and the media act as per her demands..

    sanjitha prasad says that she will remove anonymous what does she want..only people to support the political dr. kulkarni? if u cannot take crticism ms. prasad - dont enter public domain..

    we havent asked you to fight against the fee hike..if u guys want to be self appointed leaders of any agitations..dont expect the world to blindly follow you

    well it may sound harsh - even tv serials make us emotional - ask ekta obviously when a mother writes an emotional story (dr kulkarni in this case)- she is bound to get public sympathy.

    you guys are burning too many bridges..very soon the sympathy will also dry up..