Thursday, June 10, 2010


Dear Parents/Students of Vibgyor High School,

We are writing this letter to you since a disinformation campaign has been launched by the management to distort the truth relating to the dismissal of Class 9 student Adhishree Gopalkrishnan.

It is said that if Adhishree feels so insecure in the school then she should not have taken admission in the first place. The truth is that LAST JULY, when the writ petition filed by a group of parents against the arbitrary and illegal fee hike of Rs 27,000 was pending before the high court, a source very close to the management tipped the parents of Adhishree about a possible threat to Dr. Avisha Kulkarni’s life and that of their only child, Adhishree. Dr Kulkarni, the mother, who is one of the petitioners, had recorded this conversation & naturally got worried and as any parent would have done, approached the police and gave an application about the matter. The police investigated the matter and informed the family that the person concerned has been suitably warned. This matter was firmly closed almost one year ago.

The second piece of disinformation is that the parents “threatened” the principal. What happened was that last year, some of Adhishree's work books went “missing” mysteriously in succession in the school. As a result of this, she had to write her notes all over again. Since there was a pattern to this, the parents wrote a letter to the principal drawing his attention to the incidents and told him that he would be held responsible if such incidents persisted. After this, this matter also came to a close.

The Third piece of disinformation is that Dr. Kulkarni took out a morcha against the school & raised slogans. Dr. Kulkarni was one amongst 100’s of concerned parents who protested against the school not implementing Dy. Director’s, Education, order as per High Court directives to charge a reduced fee of app. Rs. 61,000 & not the School’s hiked fees of Rs. 82,150. School has even challenged this order of Dy. Director’s, Education, order in the High Court.

As for the case against the fee hike which was filed with the support of more than 1,000 signatures of parents, the matter is still pending before the high court. Please note that this legal battle, entailing huge expense, is being fought in your interest. You will agree that it is our democratic right to oppose huge fee hikes which have been effected without the concurrence of the PTA. Incidentally, there is no PTA in the school, since the last two years, which is a complete violation of the law.

Precisely because the management had no problem with Adhishree, who has brought laurels to the school as an excellent basketball player, that it granted her admission for Class 9. A fee of Rs 33,075 was asked for & was accepted by issuing a receipt for the same and she was given her books & other school essentials for Std. IX on 28th May 2010.. If the management did not want her to continue in the school, why did it admit her and accept her fee in the first place? This is the core question which you should be asking the management.

Nothing has happened between the time when the fee was accepted and till the reopening of the school on June 3 to warrant her dismissal. On the eve of the reopening of the school, she receives a letter sacking her. How would you have felt if this was to have happened to your child? As educated persons with a sense of justice, we are sure that you also would have protested against this gross injustice done to the student.

Friends, we continue to remain well-wishers of the school. We want its standards to be improved vastly and we wish that cordial relations prevail in the institution. But you will agree that the sacking of Adhishree is a totally illegal, arbitrary and capricious act which needs to be opposed tooth and nail. You have all material comforts, but let us not put up with injustice and violation of the dignity of our children. Today, it is Adhishree, tomorrow it could be your child.

We DO NOT support the withdrawal of the NOC by the government. But if that does happen then the blame very squarely AND SOLELY rests on the shoulders of the Vibgyor management. We appeal to you to join hands with us, express your solidarity and collectively ensure that Adhishree is taken back expediously.

With best wishes.

Justice For Adhishree Committee


  1. The school has no right to expel Adhishree this way. Immaterial of issues or the legal battle between the school and parents, the primary aim of any educational institution is to act in the interest of its students.

    This basic premise is broken by the manipulative act of sending her away, after the fees for the year was taken and just days before the school reopens. Obviously, the school management is using this as a
    mechanism to pressurize Dr Kulkarni and other parents. Little do they realize or care about the impact such an action would have on the child.

    Too bad that we do not have strong regulations at the ministry of education or other government bodies to intervene and quickly act on such incidents.
    - Ramesh Santhanam

  2. Dear Sanjita Prasad,

    I need your help to understand the facts being put forward before forming an opinion for/against it.

    I think when raising a voice in public for their support, it should be neutral in terms of information.

    1. What we have read so far in the Newspaper the issue projected is the case field by Dr Avisha Kulkarni about physical threat from the school to her and her daughter. Let us not mix it with fee hike as fee hike has turned into a legal issue lying with court and government. The decision education department has taken has been challenged by school (it seems the reason might be, it has rejected some of the expenses likes of repair exp, Staff welfare, rent etc appears genuine), in court. Let court give views on it. I think we should agree that any privet institution will run if it makes a business sense otherwise they will prefer to close it and do some other business. I don’t think Mr. Kherawala has opened a charitable organization. Yes, it should be governed under a reasonable guidelines and this is the job of government to frame and monitor.

    She was one of the protesters so don’t see a reason to single her out.

    In this regards as written in the article and I quote here “a source very close to the management tipped the parents of Adhishree about a possible threat to Dr. Avisha Kulkarni’s life and that of their only child, Adhishree.” Now who it was tipped off, was it Mr. Kulkarni or Mr. Kulkarny? Are we saying that school has hired or nurtures goons for this type of activities. If it is so let us make it public and protest to get such school closed. As schools are for grooming children and not goons to threat them.

    2. Now next thing I could not understand is the statement, I quote from the same paragraph “This matter was firmly closed almost one year ago.”, what does it mean? Is the case closed in the file of police?

    As newspaper report says that school is ready to take Adhishree back if the case is withdrawn by Dr. (Mrs) Kulkarni. If the file of case is closed with police then what school management is asking to withdraw?

    3. Issue I read in newspaper as well as here and I quote here “What happened was that last year, some of Adhishree's work books went “missing” mysteriously in succession in the school. As a result of this, she had to write her notes all over again.”. This put me in thinking, is 13 years old girl so small that she does not know how and where she missed something? Are there theft happening from the school? As it appears that its being done deliberately by school management which stopped after Dr. Kulkarni has written the letter. Its little hard to believe.

    In my view, lets focus on merit of the case, No body would like to see Adhishree loosing a years. If there is a case against pending against school management which is criminal in nature (like threat of life), then school has right to protect it self, and no point a kid studying in an environment which is threatening to him/her. Timing for the action is an issue which should be discussed with school management. If Dr Kulkarni does not have any issue with the school as far as security is concerned she should take her case back (which school is stating as condition to take Adhishree back) to resolve the issue.

    Thanks and Regards

  3. Feel really ashamed about the behaviour of 1) Management of Schools, 2)Government Authorities & Education Department 3)Our Law System - who are least bothered about what Adhishree is passing through from the day the Fight started between all parents and Management - pursuing fee hike. Strongly object how she has been treated last year in school and support her on her battle with the school in all way ..... Strongly recommend tht she should be admitted to school with immediate effect, without further delay at cost of her study. Let us make her and all people of india belive that still justice is there in our country.

  4. do adhishrees parents even realise what their poor child would be going they understand what they are teaching the child... what are they trying to prove?

    if they have so much of a problem with the school why do they want their child to go to that school?

    A poor kid ...who is in the 9th standard is being made a scapegoat by the politically ambitious mother..

    basic and common sense says that no school in the world would want to play with a childs future..and being a parent of a child who is studying in the same school - i can vouch that this school is a very good school.

    Yes, the school fees..charges etc are high..but the fact is that the school is also giving an extremely condusive environment to the child -- If you cant afford to send your child to that school..there are other alternatives..go there..why blame the school...the school is not a charitable organisation..they have made huge investments..and i guess they have all the rights to recover the same and plus make profits..

    and if the lady still wants to protest - there are various ways and means of doing it..but whatever the reason may be..if you want to burn bridges and then expect to cross them again..its not possible.

    What victory would the parent get even if the authorities force the school to take adhishree back??? its not a victory..what have the parents taught the child..that the teacher..principal of a school (who in the indian context are refererred as gurus) are to be abused, threatened..

    whatever the outcome of this stupid battle which this politically motivated lady (dr. avisha) has started - the final victim is the poor girl adhishree who will always lose in all future battles of life

    while my sincere wish is that Adhishree should be taken back in the school - i totally disagree with the method adopted by her parents

  5. Mr / ms Convenor, i only want to ask you a couple of things..

    1. were you forced to send your child to this school?

    2. if you are so unhappy with the school..why is your child still studying there?

  6. the intention is not to hurt anyone..but we dont want our child to suffer because of someone elses insanity...

  7. By law school cannot make profit. If the promoters want to earn they should/could choose another industry. A lot of subsidies are given from tax- payers money so that a school can impart education... Not make profits!!!
    All reasonably well managed schools have the same problem, hence changing school doesn't solve the core issue. Laws are made to be followed and that is what should be taught to the children.

    Being silent means you accept the wrong at the moment.

  8. by that logic or law (i dont think there is any law which prohibits schools from making profits), more than 80% of the schools in India wil have to close down.

    silence does not mean that you accept wrong...and violence / inciting people does not mean that you are right

  9. Let's for a moment imagine that unhappy parents decide to move their wards out of the school. They go to another one, find irregularities, and to yet another one...
    I guess this is one way of 'tackling' the problem.
    If parent(s) decide to question the irregularities (legally), is it called as abusing the school?
    It is strange that Vibgyor does not have a PTA for the last 3 years and there is no forum to sound the grievances (which may be well founded) but yet parents are fine with it. Is it fear of speaking up? Or it is fine as long 'my child is OK'

  10. it may sound that i am the schools mouthpiece.... .but i am not..i am just a concerned parent.

    while it is really strange that the school does not have a PTA - this and any other valid reasons must be pointed out..and i strongly support this

    But, the current situation is like a herd mentality...Herd mentality will cause destruction..without knowing most of the facts..people are sympathising..well even my heart goes out to the kid whose future is at stake..but the fact is..her future is at stake because of her own parents..can we change we put up our childs future at stake, because of one person who is politically motivated - NO.

    every it schools, corporate, temples, government...everybody would have what do we do..take everyone head on..and that too for a personal agenda??

    My child was at the gate yesterday when the protests and threats were on..if for any reason he / she would have got hurt..who would be responsible..

    Its surely not "as fine as long my child is ok" is "i cannot let my child suffer because of someone elses insanity"

    Thats my conviction and I stand by it.

    Once again i reiterate heart goes out to adhishree and i hope that the school takes her back..and i wish her a great future" -

  11. I Don't think Adhishree is getting this because of her `politically motivated mother'. This is happening to her because her mother opposed school's wrong doings. And when the law, tried to correct the school (do we understand, what it means when state ask school to take her back) , the school refuse to follow.
    Of course for not following their order, the state would take action, and the school is blaming this too on to Avisha. How funny!!!

    And on top of that school once again blackmailing the other parents emotionally want their `support' so that they can reverse govt order. (many of us wouldn't know that they did the same thing when they wanted to win over fight with Leena Ashar)

    If school was worried about the FIR, they should hv taken (of removing her from school) this step then, almost a year back only. Or may be just at the end of last session. Why did they accept the fees? Them waiting for the school opening shows that it was well planned so that the kid doesn't have option of getting admission somewhere else. Its a pure case of vengeance. Why can't many of us see this, its so clear.

    By putting up a fight this way, the mother is setting up an example for her kid that wrong has to be opposed.And the fight is always troubling....and ones who are bearing most is Avisha and her girl. Not the school who after taking illegal step, has refused to follow the govt. order.

  12. If the FIR has a firm reason and Dr. Kulkarni and adhishree has fear of physical harm from school why they want to continue with same school? Otherwise if they are ok with the school why she has problem in withdrawing the FIR? Let school takel with government order.

  13. A cursory read of the Jun 12 post in the blog with support documents clarifies that there is no FIR and the police reply also indicates that it did not register any cognizable or non-cognizable complaint. Then where is the FIR?

  14. What is strange and I totally fail to understand is, why did the school single out only Adhishree? If the school had to harrass the children of the protesters..why did they not harrass other??? why only adhishree??

    why did the other protesters not receive any threats..why did only avisha receive this threat?

    isnt it too obvious that this lady has her personal agenda...

  15. Also its a known fact that when parents oppose fee hikes, there is a very real fear that the school will victimize the parents! There are crores at stake. So the solution for parents is never oppose since it will mean that threats will come and you shud leave.. why bother??
    Better to leave the school imm, just keep jumping schools since every school is going the same route!

    Also we parents have brought the government to this point where they are forced to take a stand to protect our interest, if we let go and leave it them to handle it then we may go back to square one! Even if they want to do a good job they are constrained by the people they have access to to fight these battles. The school has the cream of the bar council fighting for them, who do you think with win?

    If the message from all parents is Why bother??? then not just this fee hike issue, we shud never raise our voices against anything! let the children fend for themselves, kids are being thrown out, forced to go to NIOS, held back in their classes even when they have cleared their exams, they get hurt, they are bullied... why not just ignore everything because we will get bullied by the school management and be forced to take sides?
    We will all turn into zombies!

  16. Well parents are disturbed by the MNS protest..but how did the mns reach there?? how did they come to know abt this issue..

    but if dr. avisha has nothing to do with it..what was she doing there with the protesters?
    thousands of issues in the city are being come avisha kulkarni makes media news?? how come the government act so fast to her complaints?

    looks like she is so well connected that she can make the education department and the media act as per her demands..

    sanjitha prasad says that she will remove anonymous what does she want..only people to support the political dr. kulkarni? if u cannot take crticism ms. prasad - dont enter public domain..

    we havent asked you to fight against the fee hike..if u guys want to be self appointed leaders of any agitations..dont expect the world to blindly follow you

    well it may sound harsh - even tv serials make us emotional - ask ekta obviously when a mother writes an emotional story (dr kulkarni in this case)- she is bound to get public sympathy.

    you guys are burning too many bridges..very soon the sympathy will also dry up..

  17. kids are being thrown out, forced to go to NIOS, held back in their classes even when they have cleared their exams, they get hurt, they are bullied...WOW - THIS DOES SOUND LIKE A PLOT OF SOME 3RD GRADE HINDI / BHOJPURI MOVIE..Ms. Sanjita Prasad - you surely can become a good writer..maybe u should approach the producers..or maybe dr. kulkarni can produce a movie for you.

    Till then..request you to stop inciting people with such idiotic fragments of your imagination.

    Please understand..u r not talking to some uneducated masses..u r talking to parents who understand the value of education and hence have sent their kids to vibgyor..

    inciting people is the job of sick politicians..unless u think u r one of them..stop this verbal and written diarrhea of yours..

    please keep your personal agendas at bay..and stop sending those emotional emails to people..we can see thru them now !!!


  19. Hmmmm we must remember to ask Mr Kerawala about this! This is something that the cops have totally ignored until now... they shud ask all victims "why you" you must have done something to merit this!! hey wait a minute they do that in c-grade Hindi movies... "she wore revealing clothes melord!!!" Thats where this logic comes from ? very interesting - so if you get singled out - it has to be your fault - thats a new theory. Gud one pal... share some more enlightening ones like this.....

  20. Hey doesitmatter - totally missed reading your earlier great post!! so sorry - totally apologize!!

    funny we both thought of c- grade movies together - we must have something in common.. and ha ! you are on my mailer? How did you sneak in? afraid I will succeed in inciting you? hey babe just block my mails - I would offer to take you off my list but since you are hiding like the other anon... cant help you there..

    educated you? really you had me fooled - never mind - its up to the parents (the really educated ones).. to decide whether they want to get incited or not.. why is it bothering you so much? no one is forcing you to read it, just ignore it :-)

    Re filing of case - more than 1000 of you gave us written mandate - perhaps you would like to come over and see if you too signed it?

    I wanted to remove unproductive posts... made by jerks/jokers - if parents differ and express their opinion then its a constructive discussion.. this kind of banter is worthless... seeing that you have nothing to say except try to look funny nay witty... its not worth taking the trouble to boot you out.. I would rather that others read your very intelligent posts and judge you...You are welcome to stay on as long as you like.. and gawd help us from sympathetic parents like yourself... pls dry up!

  21. Ms. sanjita prasad - firstly lemme tell u ..i am impressed with ur writing skills...

    i have never met u b4..nor do i know how u look (not that i care lol :-))..but regrettably i am on ur mailing list and i dont know how..cos i have not supported your cause from day one..

    u can boot me out for all i care..though i am honestly surprised that u havent done so in that context i will admit..that u have the guts :-)

    coming back to those 1000 + signatures u have got..all i can say is.. that it is human propensity.....who wants to spend more money? Money is a very sensitive issue and isnt that the cornerstone of all political careers..u guys too have well exploited the same subject !!

    If you don’t believe this...start a new demonstration, opposing the petrol price hike..or maybe prices of onions going up..etc etct...and more than a 1000 people will sign on it blindly..try it !!!!

    I have nothing personal against you..nor against dr. kulkarni..but it does seem that u r trying to ruin other childrens future because of your personal agendas

    So....Go ahead... try and see how many of the same 1000 + parent support your endeavour to get the school closed....All the best !!!

  22. Part 1..

    Hi Doesitmatter (? - it always matters) and C,M Sahay...

    I wrote this really long post and the webite lost it.. so here goes again!

    I have no issues with differences of opinion – just because it may not be in line with my thinking, does not freak me out.. you are entitled to be you! - I would not bump you off for that!

    My threat was for Anonymous insensitive comments, cause I really do not understand why you or any one else would chose to post in hiding, without standing up and being seen. If one has convictions then one should also have the courage to be counted.

    I absolutely agree about the 1000 parents who signed, many of them may have signed up seeing money saved, but having done so, it does not mean that its ok to walk when the going gets tough, leaving us holding a very wet, diaper dirty howling baby!

    Many people ask me why stay in this school if there are so many problems, firstly obviously I had no idea that there would be so many issues, secondly there are issues with all school including many common ones and finally if its possible to stay and fix the problems then I would much prefer to do that.

    A little bit of old hat history - When I moved my daughter to this school from billabong juhu – I also moved my second son from CNMS into 8th grade here.. totally against my husband’s advise ( happens only when you are going to be eventually proved wrong) – I checked personally with Lina and Shama before I did so. My greed was that I so wanted him to experience the sheer excitement of learning that my daughter was getting. She would come “bouncing “ home every day.. with things like “mama Now I know why Jupiter has rings!!!” old history now.. water under the bridge etc.. but affiliation did not happen that year – School was not permitted to start grade 9th and my son and 12 other kids were without schools!, Lina washed her hands off – Mr. Kerawala took the initiative to get all the kids readmitted to wherever they had come from and somehow this gave me the impression that he likes kids! Its taken 5 years to realize that maybe I was wrong.

    85 of us spent 2006-07 working on cleaning up and re-designing the curriculum, along with “interactive skills” a company specializing on this, we would spend hours discussing ways to make the learning more interesting , each lesson plan, each topic… what kind of teaching aids could be used etc etc, so exciting…. I have never understood why they would chose to just junk every thing come may 2007!

    Very few people get a chance to achieve real greatness in life – Mr. Kerawala was one of the lucky ones, but he chose to chuck it… why? I have no idea – if he had just retained what was done and carried it forward – all of us parents would have WORSHIPPED THE GROUDN HE WALKED ON! We are parents, we live for our kids, if we cud give our kids an environment where we could provide great academics along with the opportunity to hone their personalities and other skills then why would we ever have a problem?
    Avisha did not ask to be a signatory on the petition, but she did not refuse when ask to do so. Unlike me who spends hours interacting with parents, she prefers to keep a low profile and is a very private person. She is very idealistic and wants to change the world! Many of us like to think that we too are like that, but she actually put her life on hold and did whatever she was able to do. She runs shelters for women and kids.. and sensitizing programs in police stations ( last count 7 I think) where women who have problems first get help from her team who then either arbitrate and solve the problem or help them in filing complaints. Its almost painful to see her vilified and turned into a monster by the school.

  23. Part 2
    About the most often asked question: Why does she persist in continuing with this school if she thinks there is a threat. Lets look at the claims made by the school and the time line..

    We got the order from the education department after fighting a case in High court on 3rd July 2009, immediately after she started to get calls with threats, She ignored it at first, but when they persisted, she recorded a few and took it to the nearest police station. They too did not think it was worth worrying about too much, but called up the management and warned them to ensure that they did not harm Avisha and/or Expel Adhishree! Yes!! the threat made to Adhishree was of expulsion not physical harm. See scan of letter above.

    The letter as you can see is dated July 2009
    The school raised this issue and asks her to withdraw her “Fir/Nc” whatever in June 2010! With sanctimonious injured party statements like – “even if the child falls on her own, the parents will rush out and file a police complaint”!!

    what hogwash! Adishree plays basketball – she falls every other day! She got pretty seriously injured last terms – broke a ligament, I did not see anyone trotting off to the cops! They are not nuts! The kid is happy she is doing her thing – and doing it well ( see her report card). The fight over fees is one of difference in opinion/principals – that was being fought in the suitable forum i.e the court. Why would they jeopardize the last three years of struggle by bringing it down to the gutters? Just not our style or class!

    This is Adhishree school since the past 6 years, she is a good kid, works hard and is liked by everyone even the teachers who worked so hard to get you guys to sign those letters! She does not want to leave this school.. simple!

    It is true that all our kids will get impacted if the NOC is withdrawn – My niece is in the 10th grade !you think I am not worried?

    If all of us united and went to the school and asked them to comply with the order of the Education department then the order for withdrawal is automatically withdrawn and the school continues to run! Don’t do it for some one else’s kid – at least do it for your own!!
    I promise I wont take it a sign that you guys now love us guys!!

  24. Hi,

    I have been reading the post for quite some time. I am also a parent and I have 2 kids,

    Well from reading the entire thing written I have my own personal point of view mentioned below.

    1, I strongly think the child’s parents should stop forcing the school to take her back.
    Reason being they are they one who have filed a complaint against the school. The why ask the same school to take the child back? What ever be the parents point of view I hope they understand the that we parents are always concern about our kids and nothing more than that so If they are not happy with the school for what ever reason they should not I repeat should not get their kid back in to school for the kids sake.
    2. After reading every thing in my opinion I think that the girl’s mother is looking for publicity.
    Reason being I have read about Dr. Kulkarni and her very deep interest in politics and how she has stood for elections and how she has lost twice…….. And how she is trying her best to get well known (popular) ……….
    Well this is just one thing may be she is doing all this for publicity this is my thought simple reasoning behind this.
    Why does she always involve the press into all this if she was a concern parent like we all are she should have approached the school one on one and sorted this issue after all it concerns’ the safety of the kid which is more important and not forgetting the impact this will have on the kid………..
    3. Well if this reply of mine is making sense to all the parents reading this post I am sure that you all will agree with me that ultimately its our kids that matter and we as parents are responsible for their upbringing and also making sure that we do not make use of them for any personal and political motive… I have been following these posts for quite some time and in simple words I must say Parents we as parents are responsible for our children future and how we bring them up as good successful youth of our country……
    I found the whole thing to be just a political gimmick the involvement of the media by her parents the involvement of MNS buy her parents and last but not least the child standing in front of the school with a card round her neck with word written ……… is this what we are teaching the kids of our country …………?

  25. The Vibgyor Pricipal and teachers are no doubt under pressure to support Mr. Kachrawala.. oops Kerawala...(with a mind like kachra)
    But parents, put your children in Adishree's place..
    would you like your child to shoulder the reactions of your action?
    Sanjita Prasad.. Please keep up the good work

  26. Keep up the good work...... for getting publicity...... this is very sad......... I am sure some day the kid will definately look back at all this and understand........ the publicity stunt........

  27. Again the anti comments are Anon!! More courage to you my friend - one of these days you will find that you cant hide for ever...

    what you write is so close to the arguments in court- touted by the school's classy lawyers - that I know who I am talking to here..

  28. Dear All,

    As a Parent and as a Teacher I feel that it is the students who bring glory to School and not the other way. Adhishree should forget about Vibgyor and go to any other school even schools run by MCGM is fine. She is a good student and should do well in here life. Do not waste your energy with Vibgyor.

  29. Govind is right, She should now move on

    A school is famous because of its students, here its infamous because of its management. Now I understand even the playground is gone..
    But the issue is of her rights - if she chooses to stay or not - the choice should be her's.

    Violation of a child's right cant be taken so lightly.. if this is allowed to happen then what next?

    is a site where parents of VH banglore - are actively commenting..

    somethings are eerie in its similarity to our situation...

  31. long time since we got time to blog... what with all the court dates etc..

    update: matter will come up for final hearing sometime this week ( I hope)

    School has been asked to provide a certificate from govt for the 2.5 crores that they pay rent - FYI rent is paid by rustomji kerawala trust to kare edumin ( pvt ltd company - which has the same directors - i.e Rustom kerawala his bro and his mom)
    left hand paying the right hand... and we have to bear the cost!
    not funny

  32. All I have come to know, this Vibgyor stuff is for Rich people only. And board of directors are dictators. And all who has money are supporting this dictatorship. Those who never vote and expect a change, can never understand the importance of this struggle. Keep fighting, Dr Avisha!